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3d Artist

Master the profession of a 3D Artist under the guidance of industry leaders from EA Games, Dice, and Amazon. Become a sought-after specialist who can easily find a job.

Student artwork
by Vladislav Solagayan
Teachers are the leading artists from
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3D Artist is an in-demand role in the gaming industry. Professional 3D Artists design game models, create textures, and set up animations. They work in big companies or become their own bosses. This course is your gateway into one of the most promising and rewarding careers in the global marketplace.

After the course
Junior 3D Artist
from 1,000$/month
2+ years of experience
Middle 3D Artist
from 2,000$/month
3+ years of experience
Senior 3D Artist
from 3,000$/month
5+ years of experience
3D Director
from 5,000$/month

BeING a 3D Artist IS ABOUT


Creative Freedom
Breathe life into characters, environments, and abstract concepts.


Plentiful Opportunities
Skilled 3D Artists enjoy numerous job prospects in the gaming and film industries.


Choose a working schedule that suits you: either full-time in an office or as a remote freelancer.


High Salaries
Experienced 3D Artists can enjoy good salaries, stable incomes, and clear career progression.

You will learn HOW TO:

[ Props / vehicle ]

Create 3D models according to the right pipeline. From silhouette and mesh to unwrapping, baking, and texturing.

Work in popular 3D software: Maya, Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag.

Work with textures and materials. Create realistic textures and materials for your models and fine-tune them.

Amaze your friends, HRs, and potential employers with your presentation and submit models to Sketchfab and Artstation.

This course is for YOU IF


You have no experience in 3D but have been dreaming to make it your profession.


You know 3D but want to level up and earn more.


You are creating 3D for websites and advertising but want to move to the more creative area.

Student work
by Vladislav Solagoyan

Enroll in a course now

And get a job in Gamedev in 12 months


Course Authors

Ashleigh Warner
[ Senior Prop Artist at Blizzard ]

An Environment and Prop Artist who has worked at Riot Games, Blizzard, and Valve. Among other projects, she took part in the creation of World of Warcraft and Dota 2. Currently, she is working on an unannounced AAA project at Riot Games.

Daniel Comarella
[ Senior 3D Artist at RIOT ]

A 3D Artist with more than 8-year experience. Daniel worked for EA Games and Riot Games. He worked on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Agents of Mayhem, Overkill's The Walking Dead, and Anthem. Currently working on an unannounced AAA project at Riot Games.

Authors' artworks

What you are going to do

Collect references for the project

Create sketches of models

Study the basic technical steps of creating a model

Create textures

Create cool renders for portfolios and Artstation

Make portfolio

Our students' works

Artwork by student Dmitry Sonolev

Artwork by student Vladimir Makarov

Artwork by student Kirill Andreev

Artwork by student Max Rebus

Artwork by student Katerina Argonskaya

Skills for working at a CG studio

Knowledge obtained during the course is enough to get a job as a junior specialist in a CG studio.

Software skills

You will work with Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, and Photoshop.

Two full-fledged artworks in the portfolio and ten drafts

During the course, the student will create 10+ rough models and 2 full-fledged artworks.


Learn and earn on what you like


How it works

Career Center


CV CraftingWe'll help you present your best attributes to potential employers.


Career Path GuidanceWe'll assist you in starting and developing your career.


Jobs From Our PartnersWe will recommend you to our industrial partners.


Portfolio CreationBy the end of the course, you'll have a portfolio of three professional works.


Career ConsultationUntil you get a job, our consultants will be in touch with you.

Why are we confident about your employment?


students have got a new job since 2019


people find their opportunities with Career Center each quarter


users improved their career in 2022

Market ResearchWe conduct a deep analysis of the professions in demand: ask companies, value the opportunities, need for freshers, and the profession's viability.

Quality EducationWe equip you with the skills that the market needs right now. All our instructors are professionals from leading CG companies.

Constant SupportOur consultants guide each of your steps towards the profession. They help to avoid potential mistakes and plan your development.

Course Content

Intro Module

You will learn how to use the most important 3D modeling programs: Maya, Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, and Unreal Engine. You will also learn about hotkeys, geometry, lighting, and rendering.

Module 1.

You will get acquainted with the pipeline and why it is so important to stick to it, what the stages of the pipeline are and approaches to creating models.

Module 2.
Model sketch

You will learn how to work with references, what a model sketch is, primitives and proportions, how to create silhouettes and make a model interesting.

Module 3.
Model detalization

We will teach you to work with shapes inside the silhouette, make the object interesting and expressive.

Module 4.
Technical stages of model creation

You will learn what optimized low poly and detailed high poly models are. You will get acquainted with topology, learn how to unwrap and bake models.

Module 5.

You will start working in Substance Painter and learn how to create textures using the PBR pipeline. You will study metals and dielectrics, and texture your model.

Module 6.
Presentation and publication

You will learn how to render a model to emphasize its advantages with the help of light, shadows, and composition. We will also show you how to publish the finished piece on Artstation in a way that will attract the attention of potential customers.

Module 7.
Carrer module

Learn how to develop a stellar resume and portfolio that recruiters wantto see. Showcase your skills and learn how to prepare and presentyourself for an interview setting, and practice the right answers to likelyinterview questions.

Module 8.
Portfolio Module

This module, mentorship-focused pushes artists to develop and perfecttheir industry-ready portfolio while building the connections they needto take their professional career to the next level.
In this module, you will create 3 amazing pieces for your portfolio.

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Start date
October 15
Duration of training
6-8 months
Remaining places
12 places left
Artwork by Clemhyn


163 hours of lectures

60 practical tasks

8 big final module projects

1 diploma work

Career module


No feedback

For 6 months of training
40,000 INR


All from basic+

Unlimited personal feedback on all homework and projects

Personal Mentor

Career center

1 - 1 CV preparation, LinkedIn profile package and Arstation page

For 6 months of training
80,000 INR


All from optimal+

Portfolio module (3 bonus projects for your portfolio)

Individual calls with teachers

Job assistance from Senior Gamedev-recruiter

For 8 months of training
160,000 INR

The price includes

Practice with feedback

After each topic, students do home assignments, submit the results and get feedback from the mentors (seniors with about 5 years of experience).


Teachers are ready to discuss everything you need.

Academic support

In case the student has any questions, they can ask them in the personal chat and get advice from the mentors.

Unlimited access

Don't rush, learn at your own pace. New lessons open with your progress through the training. You can return to the previous materials at any time.

Certificate of completion

All students who paid for the course and signed the agreement will be provided with a certificate of completion. It will prove your training and help you find the job.


This is what our students tell about their experience:

Jon Arellano

Student, Senior 3D Artist

Before studying at the GDP Academy, I was designing websites and interfaces. As for me, it was very boring. And then I came across the ads of 3D Artists course and realized that it is time to leave my current job and complete my studies as a Character Artist.

Aarav Patel

Concept Artist Сourse Student

I chose GDP Academy because I liked the style of the teachers' artworks. During the course, I devoted all the time to my studies, sculpted for 8+ hours a day. Now, I create a mobile project with my colleague. In the evenings, I make AAA models for my portfolio. Soon I am going to polish my workflow and create my own tutorials, sell time lapses and ready-made animations.

Stephen Anderson

Hard Surface Artist Сourse Student

I chose the gamedev because I'm an avid gamer myself. I opted for 3D because I was good at drawing in my time, plus I have a few friends who work as 3D artists and they love it. Haven't regretted it at all. Mentors invested in me a lot. I told them that for me, it is a matter of life and death! I liked everything we did. Without mentors, I wouldn't get into the industry so quickly.

Vikram Mehta

Game Developer Сourse Student

I remember GDP academy as the best educational institution that my life brought me to. This is my third long term education. A distinctive feature of the Gamedev Punks is that you feel help and support everywhere, even if you have non-standard requests. GDP changed my life, divided it into Before and After, gave me the opportunity to do what I really like and incredibly exciting. GDP gave me not only knowledge and skills, he gave me useful contacts and new friends!

Ian Llanas

VFX Artist Сourse Student

I started working immediately after completing the course, as I wanted. To start a career, you need a portfolio. I did mine at Gamedev punks.

Karan Sharma

Game Designer Сourse Student

GDP academy definitely influenced me. Well, how without it? It's a whole period of life. Although not very long, but in terms of the number of events it is so rich that it seems that this is just a whole big chapter of life. The period in which I met wonderful people, took part in various projects, and in general everything was just beginning. It will remain in my memory and will continue to influence me. Gamedev Punks academy is a great place to start. The level of the teachers will allow you to get all the necessary skills to enter the industry.

Prakash Joshi

3D Artist Student Сourse Student

Gamedev Punks academy became the springboard that helped me change my specialty - move from the world of static graphics to the magical world of moving pictures, spaceships, caramel dragons and ponies made of cubes. Well, you understand :) If there is a drive and a desire to learn, then GDP is a great opportunity to get the necessary knowledge from people from the industry.

Ian Llanas

Concept Artist Сourse Student

You need to be prepared for the fact that if you want to become a cool and sought-after specialist, then you need to put all your strength into what you are doing. GDP academy will 100% help you with this, everything is there: excellent teachers who know their business, a huge number of disciplines and introduction to the profession, and the opportunity to show you in external projects.

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