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Orest Pazyn,
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We are GameDev Punks — a community of people inspired by the gaming industry. Our team will teach you       to create 3D graphics and characters, draw concept art, write design documentation, and code your own games.       Our mentors are current industry professionals who have worked at Ubisoft, Rockstar, and CD Projekt RED.

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3D Artist

Learn how to create 3D characters and environments for games

Game Developer

Learn how to code for large studio projects or create your own games from scratch

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Concept Artist

Learn how to create concepts and designs for movies and games

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Game Designer

Learn how to design games, create game worlds, and develop unique mechanics

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VFX Artist

Learn how to create visual effects and assets using Houdini

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Our HR managers will help you to craft a resume, build a portfolio, and develop a career plan to accelerate your job search. You'll be able to pick appealing jobs and get priority over other applicants.

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Improve your modeling skills with the guidance of industry veterans from AAA game studios. Our experts will guide your learning, sharing workflows, creative processes, and techniques used in game development.

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At the end of the training, create your own game with your team. For each team, a mentor is allocated to help you complete the game and release a full-fledged product. The style and genre of the game are limited by the art direction of the training. You will develop your project within the framework of visual style guidelines and ready-made technical architecture, that will help you make a high-quality game in a short time.


We love what we create and are proud of what our students do. Here are their artworks. We can teach you too!


Timur Tochenyuk



BOT 3.10

Dmitry Sonolev


Serge Shevchenko


Anton Filatev


Kirill Andreev


Viskar' Aleksandrovna


Vladimir Makarov


Max Rebus


Katerina Argonskaya


Anvar Gataullin


Nika Tendetnik


Vasilina Sirotina


Vladimir Voevodin


Arsenii Kotavin


Yana Rashkevich


Bulat Khakimov


Choduraa Hopuya


Olesya Stepanova


Irina Markevich


Vera Mishenina






Timur Mullakhmetov


Ilia Nagin


This is what our students tell about us:

Jon Arellano

Student, Senior 3D Artist

Before studying at the GDP Academy, I was designing websites and interfaces. As for me, it was very boring. And then I came across the ads of 3D Artists course and realised that it is time to leave my current job and complete my studies as a character artist.

Aarav Patel

Concept Artist Сourse Student

I chose GDP Academy because I liked the style of the teachers' artworks. During the course, I devoted all the time to my studies, sculpted for 8+ hours a day. Now, I create a mobile project with my colleague. In the evenings, I make AAA models for my portfolio. Soon I am going to polish my workflow and create my own tutorials, sell time lapses and ready-made animations.

Stephen Anderson

Hard Surface Artist Сourse Student

I chose the gamedev because I'm an avid gamer myself. I opted for 3D because I was good at drawing in my time, plus I have a few friends who work as 3D artists and they love it. Haven't regretted it at all. Mentors invested in me a lot. I told them that for me, it is a matter of life and death! I liked everything we did. Without mentors, I wouldn't get into the industry so quickly.

Vikram Mehta

Game Developer Сourse Student

I remember GDP academy as the best educational institution that my life brought me to. This is my third long term education. A distinctive feature of the Gamedev Punks is that you feel help and support everywhere, even if you have non-standard requests. GDP changed my life, divided it into Before and After, gave me the opportunity to do what I really like and incredibly exciting. GDP gave me not only knowledge and skills, he gave me useful contacts and new friends!

Ian Llanas

VFX Artist Сourse Student

I started working immediately after completing the course, as I wanted. To start a career, you need a portfolio. I did mine at Gamedev punks.

Karan Sharma

Game Designer Сourse Student

GDP academy definitely influenced me. Well, how without it? It's a whole period of life. Although not very long, but in terms of the number of events it is so rich that it seems that this is just a whole big chapter of life. The period in which I met wonderful people, took part in various projects, and in general everything was just beginning. It will remain in my memory and will continue to influence me. Gamedev Punks academy is a great place to start. The level of the teachers will allow you to get all the necessary skills to enter the industry.

Prakash Joshi

Student, Senior 3D Artist

Gamedev Punks academy became the springboard that helped me change my specialty - move from the world of static graphics to the magical world of moving pictures, spaceships, caramel dragons and ponies made of cubes. Well, you understand :) If there is a drive and a desire to learn, then GDP is a great opportunity to get the necessary knowledge from people from the industry.

Ian Llanas

3D Artist Сourse Student

You need to be prepared for the fact that if you want to become a cool and sought-after specialist, then you need to put all your strength into what you are doing. GDP academy will 100% help you with this, everything is there: excellent teachers who know their business, a huge number of disciplines and introduction to the profession, and the opportunity to show you in external projects.

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